Information on Energy and Water Nexus Summit 2

Energy and Water Nexus Summit 2

Thursday, September 12, 2013

9:00 am-4:00 pm

Aquarium of the Bay

Bay Theater

Pier 39, San Francisco, CA

*lunch will be included*
Energy Water 2
Continuing and building upon the conversation started last year at the first Energy and Water Nexus Summit, the Second Summit will be an all-day event, exploring the developments, challenges, innovations and considerations around energy and water in Northern California.

Topics of discussion will include:

Water and Energy needs for agricultural production, processing and transport
  • The food grown in the Central Valley helps to feed the world, Northern California’s wine is world famous, and these industries provide thousands of jobs to the greater Bay Area, and their products are shipped to nations around the globe. From water needed for plant growth (agriculture production is the largest use of water in the state of California), and energy needed for processing, to fuel for trucking and shipping, what are the environmental, economic and political considerations around future energy and water supply needs for the food and beverage industry?
The Water Bond
  • Likely to be on the ballot in November of 2014, the Water Bond has implications for conveyance, storage, transport and conservation of water, as well as potential ecosystem restoration. We will review the legal, political and environmental aspects of the proposed State Water Bond.
  • An innovative, controversial method for potentially securing drought-proof water supplies for California’s communities, independent of rainfall or outside suppliers, desalination is becoming an increasingly viable option. However, issues around costs, energy consumption, technology, permitting, accelerated growth and saline discharge make it a still-complicated issue. We will look at the current efforts and projects related to desalination in the state, and consider the complications and impacts that may arise.
Energy Development
  • From hydropower at the Hetch Hetchy and Pardee Reservoirs, to underwater turbines, to green technology vs. carbon-based fuels, to waste-to-energy efforts, and much more, we will explore and learn about the latest innovations and challenges related to Energy Development in the greater Bay Area, and its implications to job growth in California.
Water Supply and Demand
  • In order to fully consider the issues around the supply and demand of water, topics such as desalination, conservation, storage, and water recycling, among others, will be addressed and discussed.
The NEXUS between Energy and Water
  • How much energy does it take to clean, move and manage the water used in the greater Bay Area?
  • Can we engineer our way to a stable and abundant supply, is conservation the only way to move forward, or is there another approach?
  • In terms of jobs, trade, and the movement of goods, what are the economic impacts of water and energy development in Northern California?
  • What has been the evolution of energy and water management and usage in our region, state and country?

Workshop Agenda:

*Subject to change!
9:00-9:10 IntroductionJohn Coleman, Executive Director, Bay Planning Coalition
9:10- 9:25 Speaker
Scott Warner, President, Bay Planning Coalition
“The Drive Behind California’s Prosperity: aka the Water-Energy Nexus”
9:25- 10:40 a.m. Panel 1: Energy and Water Development
Moderator: Vijay Kumar, Vice President & Bay Area Manager, CH2M Hill
  1. Laurie Park, Principal, Water Energy Innovations
  2. Virginia Thompson, Senior Account Manager, California ISO
  3. Grant Davis, General Manager, Sonoma County Water Agency
  4. Ben Horenstein, Director of Wastewater, EBMUD
  5. Dr. Ned Spang, Program Manager, Center for Water-Energy Efficiency at UC Davis
10:40-10:55 BREAK
10:55-12:05 Panel 2: The Water Bond
Moderator: John Coleman, Executive Director, Bay Planning Coalition
  1. Mark Cowin, Director, California Department of Water Resources
  2. Tim Quinn, Executive Director, Association of California Water Agencies
  3. Doug Obegi, Staff Attorney – Water Program, National Resources Defense Council
  4. Dan Walters, Columnist, Sacramento Bee
12:05 – 1:20 Lunch
Lunch Speakers:
12:20- 12:35 Harlan Kelly, General Manager, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
12:35 – 1:05 Felicia Marcus, Chair, State Water Resources Control Board

1:20- 2:35 Panel 3: Energy, Water & The Agricultural Industry of California
Moderator: Scott Warner, President, Bay Planning Coalition
  1. Karen Mills, Director – Public Utilities Department, California Farm Bureau Federation
  2. Mario Santoyo, Executive Director, California Latino Water Coalition
  3. Katharine Wagner, Partner, Downey Brand
  4. Alison Jordan, Vice President- Environmental Affairs, Wine Institute
  5. Renee Nunes Taylor, President & CEO, Northern California World Trade Center

2:35- 2:50 Speaker: Meredith Younghein, Water/Energy Policy & Program Analyst, California Public Utilities Commission
2:50 – 3:00 BREAK
3:00 – 4:10 Panel 4: Desalination
Moderator: Alex Coate, General Manager, East Bay Municipal Utility District
  1. Ron Davis, Executive Director, Cal DeSal
  2. Stan Williams, Vice President-Project Development, Poseidon Water
  3. Val Frenkel, Director of Membrane Technologies, ARCADIS
  4. Dr. Peter Gleick, President, The Pacific Institute
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