Powerful Insights on Maintaining Focus & Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Name:"Powerful Insights on Maintaining Focus & Taking Advantage of Opportunities" with Two Nationally-Known Corporate Speakers Seminar
Date:September 11, 2013
Time:8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Event Description:
Turn Distraction into Action in a Working World Gone ADD
Speaker: Curt Steinhorst

Everyone’s got ADD. Curt’s got ADD. The Digital Age has given us all Attention Distraction Disorder. Distraction has become a leading cause of under performance. We receive hundreds of emails each day, attend meeting after meeting, get pinged with Tweets and notifications from multiple social networks and feeds. Water cooler conversations are no longer confined to the break room; they’re everywhere all the time. Curt identifies the roots of the problem – the way the brain is wired. For the first time in history, the devices we rely upon for work are also the easiest source of stimulation and entertainment. The good news is that there is a way to leverage how our brains are wired to turn distraction into functional action. He gives his audience the tools they need to make this transition and succeed in a workplace gone ADD.


Re-Calculated Risk -- Unleashing Organizational Courage
Speaker: Jim McCormick

There is a precipice on either side of a thriving business. On one side is the plodding and encumbered. On the other is the excessive and unmanageable. Success is about finding the right balance between the two extremes. When harnessed correctly, risk is the power that drives an agile organization to be responsive to changes in the market, competition and opportunity.

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